Pride in Parades First Aid Camp Community Service Achievements

Red Cross Camp 2017

Red Cross cadets are posing for a photo while eating.

Cadets are playing a game during the camp.

Our cadets are taking a photo. They look very happy!

Determined to improve, our cadets are doing foot drills.

Here they are taking a group photo together, looking excited!

FA Competitions

Here we are, at the FA competitions held in Bedok!

The competition is about to start and all of us are so excited!

To our surprise, we managed to get a GOLD for the junior category and SILVER for the senior category. Kudos to all cadets!

More Gold Badges!

Here are cadets who received gold badges on the 18th of February! They look very happy and satisfied to be receiving it!

Are you inspired? Here are some badges which you can achieve!

The National Blood Progamme (15 Feb 2017)

Cadets are looking happy while taking a photo in front of the National Blood Programme booth!

As part of the Total Defence Day programme, we organised two events to raise awareness of blood donation drives in Singapore.

Cadets got to enjoy a skit on how blood donations can help to save lives as well as discuss with volunteers on the various benefits of these programmes.

It was certainly an enjoyable experience!

20th Jan Training

Cadets are  having fun during CCA on 20th of Jan!

Desserts are served for the cadets during training.

 Elsen is  briefing the cadets at the end of CCA.

Cadets are doing foot drills! Look at how serious they are!

Look at the smiles all around as our cadets enjoy a good meal and a good conversation together.

FA duty (18 Jan)

Cadets are doing FA duty on the 18th of Jan. Look at how happy they are!

2017 CCA Orientation

Seniors introducing Sec 1s to Red Cross! A senior is asking for volunteers to do CPR on a dummy.

Elsen is briefing cadets about how to approach the sec 1s during the orientation.

The Sec 1s are visiting our booth!

After the CCA orientation, we are tired but satisfied.

Fundraising for the Needy

After a long period of preparation - making posters, packing fun packs, raising awareness - we finally managed to raise a significant amount for the needy, sick and aged.

It was certainly heartening to know that our efforts will have a direct impact on those who need help!

All in all, it was a tiring but fulfilling session!

Going for Gold

We have received many gold badges! Yayy!

It is certainly a testament to how diligent our cadets are! 

World Red Cross Day at Tampines

"The ethos that Henri Dunant promoted was that of the voluntary and caring spirit in each one of us. World Red Cross Day is a good time to remind ourselves of this commitment to build a resilient community here in Singapore and beyond. It is a time to see the potential in all of us, not only to serve the community but also to be a an agent of positive change in our family, school and community. In the Red Cross, you will shape your character, gain a more holistic educational experience and enrich your personal life." - Mr Tee, Chairman of Singapore Red Cross
Our cadets were involved in this symbolism event and had fun learning from one another as well as make friends with cadets from other schools!

Unit Instructors' Programme 2016

Congratulations to Siti, Indah, Faiza & Aisyah for completing the Unit Instructors' Programme 2016! It's great that everyone's recognised for their efforts!

National Day Parade 2016

Look at how smart our cadets are as they march during the National Day celebrations as one combined uniform group!

Promotion Day!

After a year long training, we are finally promoted! Yuki returned to give out badges to her deserving junior cadets.

The past year has been a whirlwind of activities. It's great that we've learnt so much!


Look at this delectable finger food!


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